Win more hires with Guide.

Increase conversions, decrease time-to-fill and transform your employer brand.

Guide Source

Single-stage guides designed for sourcing.


Guide Source includes:

  • Single-stage sourcing guides
  • Dynamic templates
  • Custom branding
  • 1-on-1 interview scheduling
  • Recipient insights
Guide Hire

Multi-stage guides for the full candidate lifecycle.

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The benefits of Guide Source, plus:

  • Multi-stage interview guides
  • ATS automation
  • Engagement analytics
  • Candidate feedback & NPS rating
  • Team content library
  • Interviewer bios
  • Candidate chat
  • Concierge set up
  • Dedicated CSM

Our most frequently asked questions.

What is the difference between Guide Source & Guide Hire?

Guide Source is the easiest way to give your prospects the Guide experience for free. Guide Source enables you to embed personalized guide links within your sourcing emails, differentiating your company and increasing conversion rates.

Guide Hire unlocks the full power of ATS automation to deliver the Guide experience at every interview stage from source to offer, including engagement analytics, candidate feedback and team collaboration tools.

Does Guide require an ATS?

You don't need an ATS to use Guide Source. Simply build your guide, copy your link and embed it into any email template you use for sourcing. Guide Hire requires an ATS integration to unlock advanced automation, so you can put your candidate experience on autopilot and never leave the tools you already love.

Is there a limit on how many guides I can create or send?

You can create and send unlimited guides with Guide Source, completely free. Guide Hire pricing depends on a few factors specific to your team, so we’ll need to get in touch to give you accurate pricing info. Simply fill out the Contact Sales form to get the scoop on Guide's pricing today.

Which third party platforms does Guide integrate with?

Guide integrates with Greenhouse, Google Mail, Google Calendar, and Gem, with many more integrations coming soon.

Where have you been all my life?

We know, going back to a world of static email templates, candidate 1-pagers and disengaged candidates is tough to imagine. We're just glad we're here for you now.