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Automate logistics, coordination and interview prep to save time and increase operational efficiency.

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Showcase your culture, team and hiring process to build candidate trust and loyalty.

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Questions & Answers.

Can I try Guide for free?

Yes! We offer a free trial, just reach out to our team. We'll help you get fully set up so you can see the value for yourself before committing.

Do you need my billing information?

Nope! We don't require any billing information to begin the trial period.

Are there limits on usage?

Nope! You can create, edit and send as many guides as you can your fingertips can create. We're getting excited just thinking about all those happy candidates.

Does Guide require an ATS?

Nope! Guide works completely separate from any ATS, so it's compatible with whichever ATS your company uses without any integration, or without one entirely.

Does Guide support recruiting agencies with multiple clients?

Yep! You can use your company's email address to create or join additional organizations. However, each organization will have to be upgraded individually by chatting with support.

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