The Guide Candidate Engagement Platform

recruiting made easy.

Convert your top candidates into employees and meet your hiring goals with automated interview guides.

Talent teams use Guide to get more from their candidate pipeline.

Increase team efficiency.

Spend less on agencies and headcount by converting more of your candidate pipeline.

Consolidate your tools.

Unify your recruiting systems and workflows to save your team valuable time and money.

Save recruiting time.

Automate time-consuming administrative tasks so recruiters can spend time elsewhere.

  Candidate Hub

Give every candidate white glove treatment.

Candidates get all the information they need, immediate access to their recruiting team, and visibility into the hiring journey. The personalization and company branding make every candidate feel like a VIP.

Personalize every interaction

Automatically generate a personalized Candidate Guide for every applicant.

Centralize candidate messaging

Communicate with candidates in one place so no information is lost in the noise.

Provide full transparency

Give candidates visibility into your interview process and eliminate uncertainty.

  Interview details

No (interview) detail left behind.

Include all the juicy details about every interview - descriptions, video links, interviewer bios, intro videos, and more. Changes to interviews are updated in real time, eliminating unnecessary steps.


Customizable templates.

Create reusable interview and message templates to save you time, without losing the human touch of a recruiter. Rest assured that all candidate communications are consistent and error free.

  Surveys & Feedback

Automated candidate surveys.

Gather candidate feedback at every interview stage with automated surveys that actually get filled out. Analyze feedback by timeframe, role, department or interview stage with just a few clicks. Or export for deeper analysis.


Real-time candidate engagement metrics.

See which candidates are most engaged, and which are at risk for dropping-off. Explore activity trends so you can optimize interview processes to hit your goals.

  Browser Extension

Guide lives where you do.

Manage Guide using our browser extension that lives right where you already work. No navigating between new tabs or disrupting your current workflow.

Download the Extension

Guide integrates seamlessly with your favorite tools.

Guide helps you streamline dozens of tools into one unified experience for both candidates and recruiters.

  • Greenhouse

  • Gmail

  • Zoom

  • Meet

  • Goodtime

  • YouTube

  • Loom

  • Gem

  • Google Calendar

  • Coderpad

  • Slack

  • Microsoft 365

how it works

Transform your candidate experience in minutes.

1. Link your ATS

Connect Guide to your ATS to automatically sync all open job reqs. All you need is an API key.

2. Add your branding

Upload your logo, customize the colors, and add company details like your values and mission.

3. Invite your candidates

Your Candidate Guide is automatically created and ready for you to send to candidates.